Wednesday, March 3, 2010

8 / 52 Do Not Touch Me

IMG_0149, originally uploaded by Tracy Tisdale Photography.

Do you ever feel like that? This poor fella was so afraid I was going to get too close to him. Thankfully I had my big boy 70-200mm and didn't need to be all that close to capture his beauty. Those green eyes were just too pretty to pass up. I love cats but I do not love cat hair. This is why we can not, will not, must not keep the stray cat that came to our door last week. Yes, I know she is pregnant and we can not kick her to the curb, but people, she sheds. Her kittens will shed. The fat cat is living in our bathroom right now. I feel so bad that she is confined but she won't come out. She is so scared of our dogs. Well, just a week or two more and she and her little babies will be up for adoption. I pray we find them ALLL good homes that don't mind cat fur.

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